Pelican 9500 Shelter Lighting System

Pelican 9500 Shelter Lighting System
Price: $6,069.19
Pelican Product by Pelican

The 9500 Shelter Lighting System will be the latest addition to the RALS family of lighting solutions. It provides soldiers with safe, secure and silent LED interior shelter lighting in either white or red light. The system is extremely rugged and deploys quickly. It contains three red/white LED light heads, universal power supply, inline switch, fixing straps and a series of color coded industrial grade connecting cables. Light heads are linked together and secured via hanging straps inside the temporary shelter/accommodation. The light output color (red or white) is selected via an inline switch and each light head can be independently switched on or off. The system is powered by the enclosed universal AC power supply or by an auxiliary 12-30 vdc power source such as the 9430 or 9460.

Military: Yes
Light Source : High Flux LED
Batteries: 12V Auxiliary Sockets
Tested Lumen Value : 400 (Red LED), 2000 (White LED)
Watts : 24
Battery Burn Time: N/A
Submersible: NO
Rechargeable: N/A
Extreme Sport Dive Light : NO

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