ZERO Centurion MIL-Spec Cases

ZERO Centurion® MIL-Spec Series Aluminum Cases

ZERO's Centurion® MIL-Spec Cases are available in a variety of heights, finishes and with a choice of closures, and three different panel mounting flanges. For the ultimate in lightweight, watertight carrying instrument cases, the MIL-Spec series features deep drawn, heat treated aluminum case shells with wrinkle-free surfaces, accented by distinctive styling beads. Sturdy and durable, Centurion MIL-Spec cases are strong enough to stand on, yet are ultra lightweight and rugged enough to protect instruments and your valuables from the elements.

Standard Features include:

  • Available in 10 standard sizes.
  • Case Shells are watertight construction of deep drawn seamless shells.
  • Gasketed Closures feature interlocking tongue and groove extrusion of 6063-T1 aluminum, permitting maximum sealing and alignment of two halves.


  • Custom Case Height.
  • Choice of Closures, Latches and Handles.
  • Instrument Panels.
  • Choose from three Panel Mounting Flanges.

Flexibility for Customized Applications:

  • Separable Hinges to remove upper case shell or cover.
  • Colors: Clear anodize, light gray, yellow, strata blue, olive drab or special order.
  • Panel Fabrication: Silk-screening, engraving, custom fabrication.
  • Case Marking: Stenciling, designation printing, decals, labels.


Item # Item Name Outside Width Outside Length Inside Minimum C Inside Maximum C  
Z100P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z100P Case 9.00 in 12.00 in 2.50 in 3.36 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z101P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z101P Case 9.00 in 16.00 in 2.50 in 5.56 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z103P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z103P Case 13.00 in 18.00 in 2.50 in 5.91 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z105P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z105P Case 13.00 in 21.00 in 2.50 in 4.06 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z106P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z106P Case 17.00 in 21.00 in 2.78 in 4.81 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z109P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z109P Case 18.00 in 26.00 in 2.38 in 7.31 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z112P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z112P Case 18.00 in 24.00 in 2.78 in 4.81 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z114P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z114P Case 17.00 in 18.00 in 2.31 in 4.36 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z129P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z129P Case 20.00 in 29.00 in 2.78 in 5.02 in REQUEST A QUOTE
Z132P Centurion® MIL-Spec Z132P Case 19.75 in 8.50 in 2.50 in 2.91 in REQUEST A QUOTE

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