QA / QC Inspection & Reverse Engineering

Sigma Design uses in-house gage inspection techniques using 3D Scanning and FARO Technology to verify manufactured parts for products we design, as well as for reverse engineering of components supplied by our clients.

Reverse engineering is a viable method to create 3D manufacturing models from existing parts and system components.  The process involves disassembly, inspection, measuring a component, and reconstructing it as a 3D Cad model. Once captured, the part can be manufactured anywhere to specified tolerances and materials. It's often done due to obsolete documentation or when the original builder is no longer available.

3D Scanning to digitize molded, sculpted or carved prototypes in all mediums and output designs to SolidWorks. 

3D Scanning improves the design process by:

  • Reducing man hours when modeling complex designs
  • Increasing accuracy at 0.005" with 400 sample points per inch for small objects and 0.015" with 150 sample points per inch for medium sized objects
  • Allowing limitless scanning, regardless of object size
CMM Inspection Technology offers a new level of precision in reversion engineering
  • 4ft FARO Advantage Gage and an 8ft Silver Arm
  • Easy to manipulate degrees of freedom
  • High precision encoders provide high accuracy
  • Various mounting options for increased mobility
  • Ideal for basic masurements
Sigma follows ISO 9000 2K guidelines and uses calibrated gages to NIST standards. Past Project Experience Includes:
  • Parts for OEM’s
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Marine Equipment

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