StealthLite 2410 Recoil LED Photoluminescent Flashlight

StealthLite 2410 Recoil LED Photoluminescent Flashlight
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Price: $85.97
Pelican Product by Pelican
SKU: 2410PLC

Same features as the StealthLite 2410 Recoil LED but outfitted with a lens ring that emits a bright glow in the dark. The new generation photoluminescent material in the plastic absorbs the energy from any light source - fluorescent lights, the sun, or even the flashlight's own beam. No more fumbling in the dark for your flashlight. It is powered by 4 AA alkaline cells (included), submersible, and has an ABS resin body which resists chemicals, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.

Military: Yes
Light Source : Recoil LED
Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline
Tested Lumen Value : 84
Watts : 1
Battery Burn Time: 32 hours
Submersible: Yes
Rechargeable: No
Extreme Sport Dive Light : No

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