M11 Rechargeable 8050 Flashlight

M11 Rechargeable 8050 Flashlight
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The M11 uses a rechargeable 4 C Nicad battery stick and a hi-pressure Xenon lamp to generate powerful, bright pre-focused beam. The light weight Xenoy body with sure-grip vinyl sheath resists chemicals and extreme temperatures. The push button on/off switch operates easily even when wearing thick gloves.

Options include fast or trickle chargers, direct wiring, 12V adapters, 110V transformers and more. The fast charger fully charges the Nicad battery stick in 2 to 3 hours, preparing the M11 for a full day's work. Or use the economic trickle charger for a full charge in 12 hours. Both chargers can be mounted horizontally or upright and an LED indicator illuminates when the M11 is charged. Mount the M11 in vehicles using the 12V adapter or direct wiring kit. The durable rechargeable Nicad battery pack can take a charge over 1,000 times.

Military: Yes
Light Source : Xenon
Batteries: 4 C NiCAD
Tested Lumen Value : 151
Watts : 9.2
Battery Burn Time: 2 hours
Submersible: No
Rechargeable: Yes
Extreme Sport Dive Light : No

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