M10 8040 Flashlight

M10 8040 Flashlight
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The 8040 uses a high-pressure Xenon fired lamp module that produces a powerful, bright, high intensity light. Unlike other flashlights that project a broad yellow beam, the M10 produces a tight white pre-focused beam. It comes with a polarity guard tray that makes operating the flashlight impossible if cells are inverted and prevents dangerous outgassing. The light weight Xenoy body with sure-grip sheath resists chemicals and prevents slippage. The push button switch operates easily, even when wearing thick gloves. The M10 8040 is built tough to withstand the hard knocks that come in the plant, around the beat or on patrol. Powered by 4 C alkaline cells.

Military: Yes
Light Source : Xenon
Batteries: 4 C Alkaline
Tested Lumen Value : 72
Watts : 4.8
Battery Burn Time: 8 hours
Submersible: No
Rechargeable: No
Extreme Sport Dive Light : No

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