Advanced Engineering Analysis

Sigma Design engineers are experts at using advanced engineering analysis tools to refine new products and systems. Maybe that is why so many laboratories and R&D groups rely on us to help them commercialize their technology. We have 30+ years of experience in structural metal, industrial ceramics, and plastic part technology.

Sigma Design is ready to:
  • Analyze and redesign your problem parts or structures
  • Optimize designs for strength, weight and manufactured cost
  • Analyze products for efficient fluid flow, separation, and cooling.
Computational Fluid Dynamics

One software tool available to Sigma engineers is computational fluid dynamics, or CFD. Used to analyze the flow of fluids (gaseous or liquid), CFD is a powerful tool capable of solving some of engineering's toughest challenges. CFD can handle a wide range of problems, including: external fluid flow around a part or assembly, internal fluid flow through cavities (such as a heat exchanger) and heat transfer through solid bodies.

Product-Project experience includes:
  • ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessel Validation
  • Heat Flow Chill Plates
  • Electronic Nitrogen Cooling System Analysis
  • Analysis of Dental Implant Stress
  • Bayou Bridge Structural Load Analysis

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