Molded Light Guide

Molded Light Guide Technology

Molded light guides are used to take light from a point source, such as an LED, and spread the light over a larger area. They are typically constructed from plastic materials with high clarity, such as polycarbonate or acrylic, and utilize total internal reflection (TIR) to transmit the light from one end to the other.


Lumitex utilizes MicroLens® technology to create lensing features that allow you to control the direction of light. Used only for our medical applications, it has the ability to focus light where it is needed or diffuse light in the surrounding cavity.

MicroLens technology can be applied to a molded light guide of almost any shape or size. Each square inch of MicroLens contains up to 10,000 lenses that work together to provide controlled, cool illumination.

As surgeons trend towards performing less invasive procedures, visualization becomes more important. MicroLens offers the customization and miniaturization that allows surgeons and medical professionals to see in the workspace without the added burden of overhead lighting and unnecessary shadowing and glare.

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Lumitex’s patented UniGlo® technology utilizes a proprietary process using plastic optical fiber panels to create light where you need it.
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Light guide films typically have a thickness of 0.05” or more, and are made from polymers such as acrylic or polycarbonate.
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